Tuesday, October 9

In Stores Today!

We've been waiting for it all year - and now it's finally here! The brand new Snazzy CD from Go Fish hits stores today!

This CD is full of songs like "Saved", "The Mom Song", and "Superhero". They're sure to have you jammin' in your mini-van (or in your jammies...there's a song about those too!) :)

We hope you'll take a listen and let us know what your favorite Go Fish song is when you enter our Song Request Contest! And, when you contact the Go Fish guys, be sure to let them know that you love hearing their music on HIS KIDS RADIO!

1 comment:

4friends4God said...

I really like Go Fish songs. I think my favorite is lady Bug Fryin on a Sidewalk.
I,ve never heard of Snazzy though; I'll check it out.

*His Kids Lover!*