Wednesday, January 9

Chip is in the Prayer Chair!

He's given us great songs about Ice Cream, PE Class, and Jammy Days, and now, Chip Richter takes his place in the HIS KIDS RADIO Prayer Chair!

These days, Chip has been spending a lot of time on the road, using his music to bring positive, uplifting messages to kids and their families. As is the case with many Christian artists, Chip has spent a lot of time ministering to children in church settings.

But over the past few months, he has felt a push to take his message to kids in other places, like schools and other family events.

As you're praying for Chip this month, here are a few requests to keep in mind:
  • Pray that God will open doors for Chip to bring his music into libraries, public schools, performing arts centers, community festivals, and family events.
  • Pray that churches would catch Chip's vision for reaching "un-churched" children in these new avenues of ministry.
  • Pray that Chip would have wisdom and creativity as he writes and produces new songs, and that the Spirit of the Lord would put the songs in places where people need to hear them most.
  • Pray for safety for Chip as he spends a lot of time on the road and in the air.
  • Pray peace and safety for Chip's family when he is away, especially for his wife, Mary Beth, who juggles a lot of responsibilities at home and as the business manager of Righteous Path Music.

Thanks so much for praying for Chip this month. Your prayers are appreciated!

Click here to learn more about his ministry and to download some really great music. While you're there, you can even see how an album is created when you check out the Nutshell Studios Video Blog!