Saturday, March 1

Brent is in the Prayer Chair!

He's a children's pastor, a great musician, and an all-around fun guy, and this month, Brent Weber is in the HIS KIDS RADIO Prayer Chair!

Brent is very busy these days with concerts and in his role as a children's pastor at his church. He's also working in new areas of technology to develop programs that are cool and interesting, as well as effective in reaching kids for Christ.

As a children's pastor, he spends a lot of time developing weekly programs that include Bible messages, skits, worship music, crazy games, and a whole lot more. He is blessed to have the opportunity to minister to hundreds of kids each week through many creative ways.

He's already started traveling for this year's concert season. This summer, he'll be on the road a lot, playing at camps, family concerts, and outreach events. He loves the opportunity he has to meet new people and share with others who have the same goal in ministering to kids. His sons, ages 9 and 11 get to travel with him, so that adds to the adventure and fun!

While you're praying for Brent this month, here are a few requests to keep in mind:
  • Pray for Brent's safety and the safety of his family during the times when he is on the road.
  • Pray that God will give Brent an open mind and opportunities to develop his creativity.
  • Pray that Brent will be able to continue to connect with others who have a passion to reach and teach children about Christ.
  • Pray for the kids and families that Brent comes in contact with. Pray that they will have open hearts and minds to hear the Good News of Jesus.

  • Thanks for praying for Brent this month! Learn more about his ministry at!