Friday, June 6

Rob Biagi is in the Prayer Chair!

Here at the HIS KIDS RADIO studios, we get to listen to a lot of great music. Some of it makes us tap our feet, a few songs have us singing along, and even fewer songs make us want to get out of our seats and dance. Many of those "danceable" songs come from one great artist - Rob Biagi!

Rob is a Christian singer and songwriter who travels the country sharing his music and the message of Jesus with kids and families. His wife, Kathleen, helps create great coreography for the songs (and we could definitely use her help when it comes to our moves!)

The Biagi's are really looking forward to the summer. They have several Vacation Bible Schools coming up, so they'll be in front of 7,000-10,000 kids and families over the next few months. They're very thankful to God for that opportunity.

As you're praying for Rob and his family, here are some requests to keep in mind -

  • Please pray that God will give them an extra measure of grace, strength, and stamina to get through the next three months. The family has been consumed with the treatment of their daughter Natalie's lukemia since October, which has been difficult for the entire family.
  • Rob and Kathleen have recently hired three new staff members to help with booking concerts, shipping products, and just keeping track of it all. Pray that the staff will be able to fully surrender to God's will in everything they do.
  • Pray that God will bring peace to the ministry as a whole, to Rob and Kathleen in their marriage, and to their children as well - to their son Matt, and their daughters Juli and Natalie.

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