Saturday, July 5

Bigsby's in the Prayer Chair ...

Our pal Bigsby is in the HIS KIDS RADIO Prayer Chair for the month of July!

He's currently working with a very talented video production company to produce a BRAND NEW Bigsby DVD. He's also getting ready for a big concert tour in the north east part of the United States, and he will be doing a lot of free concerts for churches.

If you live in the north east and would like information on how to get Bigsby to your church, send him an email.

While you're praying for Bigsby and crew this month, here are a few requests to keep in mind:

  • Pray for Bigsby and his friend Miles as they are making plans to minister to children overseas next summer.
  • Pray for Bigsby's family, that they would seek God earnestly, follow Him closely, and walk in righteousness.
  • Pray for Bigsby's friends Nick and Gwen as they prepare to move their family to Haiti to help children there.
  • Pray for Bigsby's friend Emmie, that the Lord would give her strengh and heal her. Learn more about Emmie here.

Bigsby is sharing something special with our HIS KIDS RADIO listeners - a brand new song about the books of the Bible...check it out!

  • Let us know what you think about the song!
  • Want to see more videos and get updates on Bigsby's concerts? Check out Bigsby News!
  • Looking for coloring sheets, chord charts, and free MP3 downloads? Check out Bigsby's website!