Wednesday, August 20

Phredd is in the Prayer Chair

This month, we hope you'll be praying for one of the silliest singers we know - Phredd!

He's been very busy this summer with concerts and other events. He's also one of the morning hosts at WJTL in Pennsylvania, the father of 8 children, and one of the few people who can play the ukulele.

Here are a few of Phredd's prayer requests this month:
  • Pray that God would help him change into a new and different person like it says in Galatians 6:15.
  • Pray for all the Phredd kids as they head back to school. Two will go to college, two will go to high school and two will go to elementary school. (plus, the two biggest kids are teachers, so they are going back to school too!)
  • Pray for Mrs. Phredd.
  • Pray for Mr. Phredd's right shoulder. It hurts and needs surgery.
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