Wednesday, January 7

Prayer Requests from Uncle Charlie Bancroft

This month, Uncle Charlie Bancroft is in the HIS KIDS RADIO Prayer Chair! When we talked to him about how things are going, here's what he had to say -

Q. How have things been going over the past year?
A. Right now, I'm praising God for allowing me to make a remarkable recovery from my near fatal car accident a year ago last November! I am about 90% where I need to be, and I'm very grateful for all of the prayers of God's children all around the country and even around the world!

Q. How can we pray for you and your ministry over the next few months?
A. There are a few things that you can pray for -
  • Please pray that I will be physically, mentally, and emotionally able to tour again very soon so that I can keep sharing the good news of Jesus with children and families.
  • Please pray that God will take care of me and my family financially. Right now, I am not able to make any money from touring. God is a big God, and promises to provide for our needs!
  • Please pray that God will use me in a most powerful way after the accident. I know God wants me here for a reason, as I am a miracle to be alive. I want God to shine through me as I take advantage of a new opportunity to share his love!
Q. Is there anyone else we can pray for?
A. Sure!

  • Please pray for my wife Tammy as she continues to help me walk through my recovery. She has been my steady rock and I thank God for her encouragement and patience as I try to heal up. Pray that God will give her strength - all of the ups and downs of recovery can be very draining!
  • Please pray for my new praise team. I have a new singer and three wonderful dancers/choreographers that help make our concerts very exciting and full of energy! They'll need God's strength and grace as they try to find time to practice and as they try to keep up with all of our travels when we get going.
  • Please pray for every child who gets to hear my music, that God will use our songs to speak to their hearts and get them excited about living for Him!
As mentioned above, Uncle Charlie was in a very serious car accident a little over a year ago. By all earthly accounts, he shouldn't have survived, but God protected him. Since then, he has a very important message to share about God's plan for each of our lives. Take a look at these videos to see what we mean!

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