Tuesday, February 3

The Lads are in the Prayer Chair

This month, The Lads are in the HIS KIDS RADIO Prayer Chair! We recently had a chance to connect with Steve King, the drummer for the group.

Q. The Lads are new to many in the HIS KIDS listening audience - tell us about the group.

A. The Lads band is made up of three guys - Mark, Bjorn, and myself. Over the past 10 years, we've been ministering through music to kids and families in New Zealand and Australia. Now, we've made our way to the United States, bringing our music and excitement for God to an entirely new audience.

Q. What is the main goal of The Lads?
A. We are passionate about seeing kids and their families connect with God. For us it is really all about putting people in contact with their Creator. While we aim to produce an unforgettable concert experience, our ultimate passion is seeing God move powerfully in kids lives. This desire affects everything we do, from our live concerts through to the music we write.

Q. How can we pray for you guys this month?
A. There are a few things we'd appreciate prayers for:
  1. Our TV show. We really feel that this concept has a role to play. We pray that God makes a way for Lads TV to get in front of as many kids and families as possible. We really feel that God has some cool plans for it (not just the 5 episodes we have done but for the production of future episodes), so we are praying that God will open up opportunities for these cool plans to unfold!
  2. Pray for opportunities for The Lads to play more concerts. Since we're so new to the United States, one of our big challenges is finding ways for churches to learn about us and invite us to partner with them for a concert.
  3. Overall guidance. We don't want the ministry of The Lads to be about us...we want to follow God's lead in everything we do. It would be awesome to pray that God helps us to discern the difference between our ideas and dreams and the plans God has for The Lads.
Thanks for praying for The Lads this month! Keep listening to HIS KIDS RADIO for your chance to win some of their music during PhoneTag and the Song Request Contest!

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