Wednesday, April 29

One Marvelous Mom...

We've had so much fun reading the entries we've received for our Marvelous Mother's Day Giveaway! One of our favorites didn't come from a kid - it came from one of our favorite artists - Brent Weber!

Here's what he had to say about his mom -

My mom is super special because she sacrificed herself to help kids hear cool Christ centered music. You mom is a nurse and 17 years ago she worked overtime all year long to save up extra money to buy me a keyboard so I could write music. She sacrificed her time, gave up a lot of sleep and gave the extra money she made... for me! When she bought me the keyboard I began to teach myself how to program and write music and still to this day I have kept that keyboard as a great memory to the start to my music ministry!
My mom totally ROCKS! Thanks mom! I love you!!!

It's not too late to enter your mom into our Marvelous Mother's Day Giveaway! We've got 15 great prizes from our friends at Hearts at Home for some of the nominated moms, and prizes for their kids too! We'll pick the winners during the weekend of May 9, so get your entries in today!

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