Thursday, May 7

Happy Mother's Day ...

It's been a fun few weeks at HIS KIDS RADIO as we've seen well over 100 families participate in our Marvelous Mother's Day Giveaway!

Even though all moms deserve something special, we could only draw fifteen winners. Congratulations to:
  • Hannah (13) - Flippin, AR (mom Debbie)
  • Ella (9) - Cadillac, MI (mom Julie)
  • Caleb (11) - Guyton, CA (mom Michele)
  • Liela (6) - Chicago Heights, IL (mom Maelin)
  • Grace (9) - Montgomery, IL (mom Pam)
  • Morgan (11) - Lafayette, LA (mom Melissa)
  • Noah (6) - Lee, MA (mom Erin)
  • Emma (7) - Standale, MI (mom Laura)
  • Hanna (12) - Hermantown, MN (mom Sandra)
  • Timothy (10) - Neosho, MO (mom Dawn)
  • Jessica (11) - Graham, NC (mom Amy)
  • Kira (11) - Wake Forest, NC (mom Myra)
  • Kaitlynn (6) - Sweet Home, OR (mom Jolena)
  • Hannah (11) - Beaver, PA (mom Tammy)
  • Katharine (9) - Cresco, PA (mom Angela)
Thanks so much to everyone who entered ... and to Hearts at Home for providing the prizes!

Even if you didn't win this time, we hope you'll let your mom know how much you care about her, not just on Mother's Day, but every day of the year.

One way to do that is by printing this page, filling it out, and handing it to her with a hug this Sunday!


edge said...

HI, thanks for being so kind! i didn't get a chance to enter!!
i love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

i love kids radio! it gets my kids sooo excited about christ!