Monday, June 1

Brent Weber is in the Prayer Chair!

This month, our pal Brent Weber is in the Prayer Chair! Every time we talk to him, he has many new and exciting projects in the works - here's his latest update:

"First, thanks to all the kids and families that listen and invest time in my ministry through prayer. That is very special. I am looking forward to a great year and thank God for the opportunities for which He has set before me. I've always made it a priority to give my best in everything I do for Him, and trust God for His results. Here are some things you can pray for:
  • I'll be traveling a lot during the summer to camps throughout the country. I will have the opportunity to lead worship, speak, and share Christ 's love with a lot of people. Please pray for clarity of mind in all things. I am merely a messenger to the grace and hope that people can experience.
  • Since I travel so much, prayer for my family would be extremely appreciated. God has placed them in ministry as well, and their sacrifice of "daddy time" and "husband time" is amazing. Please pray for their endurance and that their acts of 'selflessness' would be blessed by the Lord.
  • Traveling mercies. Sometimes, dealing with plane flights can test anyone's patience! I will also have others traveling with me so please pray for smooth travel as my numbers increase. I'd much prefer angel wings for transportation over plane wings, but for now we'll deal with what we've been given.
  • I will be speaking more at National Conferences and working with potential National Ministries for kids. Pray for openness and great discernment for me as I prioritize the various opportunities. In conjunction with this, I will be hosting a National Conference for Children's Pastors here in Atlanta. Prayer for the Conference and my administration of it would be so wonderful."
Thanks so much for praying for Brent this month! We'll have some of his music and other fun prizes to give away all month long on HIS KIDS RADIO! If you'd like to take a listen to something special, check out these great worship songs, done Brent-Style. :)

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Hayley said...

I love Brent WEBBER.