Monday, October 12

Kids Corner: Walk the Way ...

The new season of Kids Corner finds Liz and his friends in a new grade at a new school.

His first social studies assignment puts Liz in quite a predicament. While he is researching the skateboard subculture, he's mistakenly identified as a talented new skateboarder. And, Liz has to figure out whether he should tell the truth or try to live out the lie.

Lucille has the challenge of finding new friends. Liz is still her best friend, but she would like to find some new girlfriends--Christian girls who like to study the Bible.

And then there is a secret in Granny Gecko's past. Why was she a member of the Black Adder motorcycle group, and why does she make regular visits to the jail nearby?

Be sure to listen to the new adventures of Liz as he and his friends discover what it means to follow Jesus and "Walk the Way." And tune in each week to find out how you can be eligible to win a 2 CD set of "Walk the Way," the new season of Kids Corner.


Hayley Tschetter said...

Hey I love KC!!

Annie said...

Kids corner is awesome!

Katrina, Bible Games Blogger said...

My children's ministry students love Kids Corner, and I've fallen in love with it, too. The episode you talk about in this blog post is one of my favorites; I remember using it in a lesson with my kids very well! I'm wondering if you know of any other shows or podcasts that are similar to Kids Corner that I can share with my students.