Wednesday, October 17

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are great, aren’t they? Especially when they’re viewed through the eyes of a child. Our youngest just celebrated his fourth year of life on this earth, reminding us that the smiles, snuggles and simplicity of childhood are certainly something to be cherished!

HIS KIDS RADIO is also observing a couple birthdays. It’s hard to believe that our full-time Christian radio station for kids turns 18 in October. Some of the big kids that began listening in the late 80s now have children of their own who are tuning in!

Also, our web site -- -- is one year old. Over the past twelve months we’ve been blessed with 500-thousand visits, 20-million hits, and have served enough online audio to keep one child listening for 31 years non-stop!

Reflecting on God’s faithfulness to HIS KIDS RADIO, we’re most thankful for the changed lives. Gabrielle in Michigan wrote this week to say, “I’ve been listening to HIS KIDS all my life and it’s taught me to love Christ.”

A boy named Alexander recently asked us to play Trading My Sorrows (for the Joy of the Lord). He lives in Nigeria and wants to thank Jesus for making a difference in his mom’s life, helping her take better care of the family even though she is HIV positive.

Multiply these stories many times over and you’ll begin to grasp the amazing impact God is having through this unique media ministry, across the country and around the world. It’s very exciting and humbling at the same time.

Please understand that HIS KIDS RADIO stays on the air through a unique partnership with families that listen and others who care. We greatly appreciate your interest and ask you to consider sending a generous gift to help continue God’s work in the lives of these precious children.

For HIS Kids,

Dodd J. Morris