Friday, January 18

Creation Museum

This Sunday night, the kids at my church will begin studying “The Seven C’s of History” from Answers in Genesis. My family is especially excited since we get to help with the music … AND since we’ve recently returned from a trip to the world-famous Creation Museum!

The museum, in Greater Cincinnati, opened just seven months ago and has already been visited by over 300,000 people (more than were predicted for the entire first year).

Mark Looy, co-founder of Answers in Genesis and co-host of the Answers … with Ken Ham radio program, met us at the door and made us all feel very welcome. We could hardly wait for my brother and two of his kids to arrive so we could start our tour! Thankfully, there’s plenty to see in the Main Hall even before watching the video introduction and entering the exhibits.

(click the picture for a larger view)

Judging from the TSG factor (time-spent-gawking), our kids & their cousins especially enjoyed the Wonders of Creation, Noah’s Ark Construction Site, and the Dinosaur Den.

We ended up spending over 4 hours experiencing this amazing walk through history (including a trip to Noah’s Café and the Stargazers Planetarium), but could have easily taken twice as long to read through the displays, soak in the atmosphere, and be reminded that the Bible is the “true history book of the universe.”