Monday, February 23

Learning to "Speak Australian"

I hope you had the chance to listen to this past weekend's edition of the Song Request Contest. Even though Buddy-Dodd wasn't in the studio to help me play though your requests...I did have a special guest in the studio - Mark, the lead singer of The Lads!

We had a fun time talking about their ministry and some new projects they're working on...and then, things got a little silly, when Mark spent some time teaching me how to "speak Australian", since their group is originally from New Zealand.

That part of our interview was so silly that it didn't make it to the radio...but it did make it to the Radio Recess Blog.
  • Click here if you'd like to hear how my lesson went - I definitely have a lot of learning to do!
  • And in case you missed our "official interview", you can listen to that by clicking here.
You've still got one more week to win great music from The Lads, so be sure to listen for your chance to dial-in and win during PhoneTag, or enter the Song Request Contest!