Thursday, February 26

Kids Corner Sneak Peek (II)

Still wondering what's going to be happening during the new season of Kids Corner? Keep reading for more of our conversation with Barb Brouwer, one of the producers of the program.

Q. Liz is the kind of lizard that always seems to be involved in one kind of adventure or another. This season, he has a big project in the works...would you mind sharing what it is?

A. Liz decides to start an internet radio station, WLZR, This is almost a big enough project for Liz's ambition and abilities. As programming director, he has a lot of time to fill, but his friends are more than ready to help by producing shows that Liz can include in the programming. Lucille's "What's Bothering You?", Morrie's "A Minute With Morrie", and Chamy's "Science and You", are highlights of the programming on Liz's new station. will also be found at our website and include ongoing updates from Lucille, Morrie, and Chamy.

The radio station also gets them an invitation to go to Ireland. A listener from Ireland contacts them and asks for help starting a new station. This request results in a Spring Break trip to Ireland, a kidnapping, a history lesson, and lots of surprises.

The inspiration from this storyline is Roger Basick, the actor who plays Morrie. Roger's career has been in radio in the Chicago area, but recently, he felt God's call to help a new Christian radio station in Ireland, LifeFM. It is the only Christian radio station in Ireland. He is hoping to relocate to Ireland as a missionary, serving the radio station there.

Be sure to check back in a few days for more with Barb about the brand new season of Kids Corner, starting March 7, on HIS KIDS RADIO and!

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