Wednesday, April 1

Chip Richter is in the Prayer Chair!

Now that April is here, we've got someone new in the Prayer Chair - no foolin'! ;)

This month, we hope you'll pray for our friend Chip Richter. At the beginning of 2009, he sensed that God wanted to do something new with his music and ministry. Over the next few months, he started getting calls from libraries, public schools, and festival organizers about booking family concerts this spring and summer. And that's how his new "Here Comes the Sun" tour was born. He's even doing a few concerts in people's homes, which has been a really cool way to reach out to kids and families.

Here are a few things you can pray for this month:
  • The "Here Comes the Sun" tour isn't just taking place in churches or other "Christian" areas - it's bringing God's love to a lot of public venues like libraries, schools, and festivals all over Ohio and beyond. God has opened some amazing doors, and it will be important to pray for each concert and the kids that will be attending. If you'd like to pray for each event, you can print this list and keep it close at hand (maybe in your room or on your refrigerator).
  • Please pray for wisdom for Chip as he performs in these "new" venues. Pray that he will be able to see all of the new opportunities and open doors that God is opening before him.
  • Chip will also be working with another singer/songwriter - John Wilkie from Sprout-N-Shout. They'll be writing and recording some songs in May, for a new album that should be released this summer. They're on a very tight schedule, so pray that the entire process will go smoothly.
  • Finally, please pray for a member of Chips band, the Munks. Many of you know Jeff Poulus as "Professor Blues". He's going through some very tough times personally and financially right now, and he would definitely appreciate knowing that kids are praying for him. If you'd like to send him an encouraging email, that would be great - just send it to
And now a personal note from Chip -

"Thanks so much for your support. I so appreciate meeting and sharing with kids and families around the country. I love what I do and I want to continue to do it in the places and in the way God wants me to. If you would like to get updates about concerts happening around the country and new recordings, ask your parents, and then join our mailing list!"

Thanks for praying for Chip this month! Keep listening to HIS KIDS RADIO to win some great prizes from him shortly after Easter! But for now - check out these great (free) downloads!

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