Monday, March 23

Sponsor A Day!

Every day, we hear from kids and families around the world who tune in to the faith and fun of HIS KIDS RADIO. Many of them call or write to share stories of what God is doing in their lives through the radio station and the website.

It's always a lot of fun to hear these comments, like the one we got from four-year old Mikayla and her family from Minnesota:

"Your station helps mom and dad instill good values in my life, so I can do God's work. Thank you so much for thinking of kids and having a channel for them. We need more of this and less "junk" on radio and TV. Thank you!"

Did you know that HIS KIDS RADIO is a listener-supported ministry? It takes a lot of gifts from families just like yours to keep the music and programs on the air and online. One way that you can get involved is by sponsoring a day on the station.

For less than $1 a day, your family can sponsor any date that you choose (like a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, etc.) We'll help you put together an announcement that will air at least 10 times that day, to help you celebrate your special occasion.

Click here to learn more about the HIS KIDS RADIO Daysponsor program, or to give a gift of any amount to help fund this important media ministry. Thanks in advance for your prayer and financial support - God is using your gifts to enrich the lives of children all over the world!

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