Monday, June 15

Rocky Heads West...

Rocky's Roadtrip has gotten off to a fantastic start! Thanks to some of our radio friends, he's been able to spend some time in Colorado and California!

Over the weekend, we received a great photo from six-year-old Haley. She lives in New Mexico, but was able to take Rocky on her vacation to Colorado! Here they are at Great Sand Dunes National Park. We'll be sending her an official wristband, and she'll also be entered into our weekly and grand prize drawings!

Rocky also made his way to BEAUTIFUL Paradise, California - the home of Mr. Nick from We Kids!

We hope you'll do your part to help Rocky get to all 50 states and beyond this summer! Click here to learn more about Rocky's Roadtrip and to read the official Roadmap!

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Luci said...

i have a picture-im uploading that tommorow!!! also after i go to disneyworld in aug.-ill upload that!!!!