Thursday, July 9

More From Rob Biagi

By now, you know that we're featuring the music and ministry of Rob Biagi during the month of July. Here's a few more of his prayer requests and praises:

Hey guys - thanks for remembering me (and my family) in prayer this month! My family is a HUGE part of everything I do, so here's how you can pray for them:
  • Kathleen (my wife) would love you to join her in prayer celebrating that Natalie is feeling so good, and doing so well. Nat is almost finished with her Leukemia treatment - to God be the glory! Kathleen has been happy and very productive lately, which is fun for her!
  • Matt (my 18 year-old son) is praying about his future, now that he's a high school graduate. He is an ice hockey referee, and he's going to a big National camp to meet some professional hockey refs. God's will be done!
  • Juli (my 11 year-old daughter) is reading a book with her mom about purity and real love. Please pray that God would speak powerfully through that book and continue bringing them closer in their relationship.
  • Natalie (my 4 year-old daughter) has always said, "Jesus is taking care of me", and she's right! Thanks and praise to God for her strength, courage, and long beautiful hair (it has almost all grown back in since the cancer treatments made it all fall out).
  • I (Rob) an SO GRATEFUL that on Monday, June 8th, I woke up and wanted to get out of bed for the first time in a year! I felt so good, and it's been several days straight since then. It feels SO GOOD to feel good!
We'll have another update from Rob next week, so be sure to check back for more details! And keep listening to HIS KIDS RADIO for your chance to win some of his music when we play PhoneTag and during the Song Request Contest!

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