Wednesday, July 1

Rob Biagi is in the Prayer Chair!

During the month of July, HIS KIDS RADIO will be featuring the music and ministry of Rob Biagi! Over the next few weeks, he'll be sharing some of his prayer requests and praises through this blog.

Hello fans and friends of HIS KIDS RADIO and me, Rob Biagi! :o)

Wow - the "prayer chair" is comfy! I've got LOTS of good news, so you can rejoice with my family and me. My daughter, Natalie (age 4), is doing very well with her Leukemia treatments. In fact, she'll be finishing her treatments (Lord willing) on December 27th of this year! Check out this site for all of the updates, videos, and pictures.

I, Rob, am also feeling REALLY GOOD for the first time since June, 2008. I've been battling a less powerful form of Leukemia and the powerful side effects of my medication - but I'm doing much better!

Please continue to pray that little Natalie's Leukemia will stay away forever, and that my Leukemia will too! Thank you.

We are in full swing this summer with Vacation Bible Schools, and having a great time! (we're doing 7 weeks of them!) I have traveled to Palm Springs, CA, Newport Beach, CA, and I am in Alabama as I type this (my home is in California). There is a wonderful VBS event going on here in Alabama this week. The 4th and 5th graders asked if they could come onstage and sing and dance with me - on the first day! Sometimes 10 and 11-year-old kids act "too cool" to sing and dance along, but not these kids. Thank you for that, Lord!

Please pray that these summer events will be special memories in the hearts and minds of the children, that they might always remember the great times they had in church learning and celebrating God's wonderful kindness and love. (and singing biblical, fun, wild songs!)

We'll hear more from Rob next week, so keep checking back for updates. And be sure to listen to HIS KIDS RADIO for your chance to win some of his great music during PhoneTag and the Song Request Contest!

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