Saturday, August 1

Bigsby Is In The Prayer Chair

August is here - and that means we've got someone new sliding into the Prayer Chair! This month, we'd like to encourage you to pray for our pal Bigsby! We had the chance to catch up with him this week, and here's some news he'd like to share with you:

"We've been digging in locally, and as a family, working with churches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The biggest focus has been in volunteering at our local church around the corner and helping to encourage Christian community. We're working toward starting an after-school creative-arts program at the church. The hope is that we'll get to know more families in our neighborhood. The Greatest Commandment (from Mark 12:30-31) has been the theme at every Bigsby show for several years now. In studying that passage of Scripture, I've learned that the Greek word for "neighbor" is from the Greek word for "near". A literal translation of "neighbors" would be "near-ones". Jesus said it's the greatest commandment, so we're taking it to heart!"

Here are some new projects that Bigsby is working on these days:
  • He's finishing production on a new CD entitled "Monkey", soon to be released. This 14-song CD has plenty of upbeat tunes, some lost gems from previous projects, and even a baby techno-dance song called "Kick Your Feet".
  • He's also begun work on a new kid's praise CD
As you're praying for Bigsby this month, here are a few requests to keep in mind:
  • Pray for Bigsby and his family as they work with their local church. Pray that others will be encouraged to join in and help their neighbors.
  • Bigsby is also working on bringing his home studio up-to-date (things are getting old and tend to break down). Pray that Bigsby can find some "great deals" on the right equipment to keep his music up and running.
  • Pray that Bigsby's schedule will allow him much time for musical creativity.
Keep listening to HIS KIDS RADIO for updates throughout the month. We'll also be playing some great NEW music from Bigsby very soon!

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Hayley said...

I'll be praying for Bigsby!! I love his kids radio!!