Monday, August 17

Rob & Rocky ...

We've had a ton of fun with Rocky's Roadtrip this summer, and a few of our artists have too! Take a look at this video to see who Rocky was able to spend some time with in Alabama!

(watch video online)

A big thanks to Rob Biagi and the kids at this VBS for allowing Rocky to spend a little time at your church! Rocky has also been spotted recently in Switzerland and at the Mackinaw Bridge (WAY up north in Michigan). Has Rocky been to your state yet? Find out when you view his roadmap!

We've got just a few weeks left with Rocky's Roadtrip, so be sure to get your pictures to us as soon as you can. Don't forget, every kid who sends us a picture will get a wristband, and will also be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of the summer - you could win an MP3 player full of HIS KIDS RADIO music, stories, and videos!

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Hayley Tschetter, MN said...

I don't have a dog yet but hoping to get one soon a medium one!!