Saturday, September 5

And The Winner Is...

It's been a busy summer for our pal Rocky! Thanks to our great listeners, he's been able to visit 19 states and 6 different countries. In all, he traveled 72,234 miles! He was able to see some amazing sites, from the largest home in the United States to a fabulous castle in Switzerland and the famous Stonehenge in England!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Rocky's Roadtrip! While we would have loved to give an MP3 player to every kid who entered, we had to draw one winner.

A big congratulations goes out to 13-year-old Bethany from Hemlock, New York!We know Rocky had a great time with you and your pet chicken, Scarlet!

Thanks again to everyone who entered - we had so much fun watching where Rocky would pop up next. If you'd like to see his journey for yourself, be sure to take a look at Rocky's Roadmap!


Hayley said...

Go Bethany:)
I love your chicken. I'm going to get some myself!!

Bethany said...

Do you know what kind of birds you are going to get? We have Call ducks and RIR SCCL Bantams. We also have a Beagle dog named Penny, 3 cats we call Arwen, Chessie and Big Blackie, 2 Goldfish named Goldcracker and Nemo, my sister has a rabbit named Thumper, and my Dad has Red Golden Pheasants!

Bethany and Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Bethany, does Penny like the cats our dogs hate cats we had to get rid of them cool chicken your so lucky we live in Zoin IL north Illlinois whats your favorite animal mine is Dogs I have one a chihuahuah mix does your beagal bark alot I can't get one caus they bark to muchBut I still love all animals(Dogs Mostly)
Email me

Alexandra & Catherine said...

My sister and I have raised chickens since I was 3. I soled a lot of lemonadeto get the plywood and other materials. Hope you have fun with your new MP3 player!

Hayley said...

Hey, Bethany
I'm not sure what kind, but I really want ducks. They are snow white color ducks or mallards!!
I love dogs to, I wonce had a fish baita fish it was red and I named him bubbles:)