Wednesday, January 21

Gilead Sneak Peek, part 2

Still wondering what will be happening during Season 11 of Down Gilead Lane? Keep reading as we continue our conversation with Steve O'Dell, Creative Director at CBH Ministries.

Q. The Morrison family isn't the only family that lives on Gilead Lane. We've also gotten to know the Richter Family. They’ve been having a hard time lately, since Tom, his son, and youngest daughter Maya are doing their best to follow God, but his wife Monica and oldest daughter Tiffany are interested in other things. Will things be changing for their family this season?

A. Every good story needs a villain, right? Well, when DGL started out, the Richters were the villains—big time! But the cool thing about God is that He is in the business of making villains into heroes, and we wanted to reflect that in our story as it has gone on over time. So, yes, Mr. Richter (Tom), his oldest son, Caleb and youngest daughter, Maya have all decided to follow Jesus and are learning how to do that best in their different avenues of life, but also in the home they share with two people (Monica and Tiffany) who still seem very hard-hearted and opposed to following Jesus. To answer your question, things WILL be changing for their family this season, but I can’t really give you any details on that just yet. (*wink*)

For more inside information - take a listen to the latest "cheezy-teezy" edition of the Coleraine Connection Funcast, and be sure to check back in a few days for more with Steve-O. Don't forget, the Season 11 Premiere of Down Gilead Lane begins January 31 on HIS KIDS RADIO and at!

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