Tuesday, January 27

Gilead Sneak Peek, part 3

And now...the third part in our conversation with Steve O'Dell about what will be happening during Season 11 of Down Gilead Lane!

Q. Back to the Morrisons - will we be able to visit Brooke or Justin in college this year? And what else can we expect to hear from Michael, Haley, Tim, and Hope?

A. Well, as I'm sure your listeners know, Brooke and Justin are not the only ones in college. In addition to the two Morrisons, several other favorite characters have been away at college. There's Caleb Richter, of course, and then there are also the Taylor twins: Luke and Becca. The cool thing about season 11 is that the whole season will take place during the summer, so we won’t HAVE to visit any of them in college - they’ll be home for the summer (which may take some imagination for listeners since the episodes will begin the weekend of January 31 and run through February, March and April)!

Be sure to check out the Season 11 Premiere of Down Gilead Lane, starting Saturday, at HisKids.net!

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